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R.I.P, the CV

Why hasn't hiring in hospitality moved on? Why are we still asking someone to fill in a job application, upload their CV, do an interview, go for a trial shift and then get hired. When we all know the best people in your business came straight in through recommendations...

Book On Demand Staff

Got a gap in your rota? You can book someone to come and help out with Slinger. You set the rate, when it starts and give the slinger an overview of what you'd like them to do.

See Who You Like

Looking to hire someone permanently? You can book trial shifts through Slinger, a vetted worker will accept and if the shift goes well you can rate them, and let them know you want to hire them full time.

Hire Them

You like them? They like you? Well we're not going to stand in your way. We'll introduce you to each other and then you take it from there.
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“It all started from a Whatsapp group, then we moved to a Facebook group and now we're here!"
Theo-Lee Houston